Friday, July 31, 2009

made lots of money, how much I don't know

My husband is a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. We've seen them twice, it's a good show. Anyway, over at cf2chat, Amy linked a youtube video of Rickey Medlocke on some show.

I was caught by how he talked about how not many people knew he had CF, and how he had a "low grade form." And I thought: Well, there I am in my rock star self, so for some odd reason I had the urge to contact Mr. Medlocke.

I found his agent info, I have no idea if it is legit, and I directed Rickey Medlocke to Cf2chat as well as here. Pretty ambitious of me, wouldn't you say (and maybe a bit cheesey)?

So, ~wave~ if you're reading this Rickey Medlocke, Welcome, Cyster to Fibro (sorry Piper, but I had to steal that!). Ha. :)

I leave you with my favortie Skynryd song:

Can't go wrong with the piano.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Om shanti shanti shanti Om

The mailman delivered my mail to my neighbors' house. It was a letter from the local CF council. My neighbor returned it and said, "That's what you have, right?" I've lived here for 7 years and it is the first time that Cf has ever come up. When I was on IVs last year they called to ask what was going on, but I just said I had a bad infection. I didn't feel like going into details. I was sort of embarrassed by the mail thing. Partly because it just seemed like it was a secret, which seems dumb.

I went to yoga on Thursday, the first time I have been oback since 2006! I practiced Kripalu Yoga for five years religiously at a beautiful private studio. It was fabulous, so I am very yoga spoiled, but once I had baby #2 and stopped working it was just too hard and too expensive to keep going. I have been a yoga snob about going to yoga at the Y though, after having had such a great experience with my instructor at Tree of lIfe - despite the fact that yoga at the Y is free with your memebership. Anyway, finally my friend convinced me to go. Once I got over trying to compare the two in my mind and just gave into the practice, it was great. I am very sore. What I was capable of doing yogically 5 years ago is NOT what I can do now - though I tried a few times and gave my self a friggin charlie horse. Silly. I will go back though. I didn't realize how much I missed it.

I'm about to get sick. The guy on the elliptical next to me is constantly coughing up phlem! Its been 30 minutes and I can't take it much longer!

The above was posted by one of my friends as their status update on FB. Oy. She doesn't know I have CF, I don't think and probably the guy was a 100 year old smoker, but I still felt like posting back a snarky comment. I didn't.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

you'll get anything with that evil smile

When I signed in I felt like I had something important to say, but I don't.

I can feel the PA regrowth a lot this last week, as I get closer to my next round of Colistin (my third). Interesting yet sucky. Makes it so obvious I NEED the drug, I can't put it off.

I turned 32 yesterday. 32 is weird, Cf aside. I've never minded getting older, even when I wasn't paying too much attention to Cf. I think part of it was I always looked young, and I hated it. It seems funny to me now when I think about how upset that made me. I mean when I was 12 my dad would tell people I was 8 to get me into places for free and no one ever batted an eye. When I was 20 he tried the same move to get me into The Louvre for free. When I was like 14 it was hard to try to get older boys to like me (as every 14 year old girl desires) because I looked 10.

Though it is sad to report that the world of looking younger ended about age 29. Now I rarely get carded. Maybe I get mistaken for 29, but rarely that (what was interesting is I went salsa dancing a few weeks ago with my friend and this boy Salvador was flirting with me (so exciting for an old married gal!), he was about twenty three or four and for some reason he was guessing my age - I think I told him I was married and too old for him - anyway, he guessed it at 27 - which means you know he was trying to be nice without being 27 seemed kind of old for him to guessing at out of kindness, if that makes sense. Ah, vanity.

I digress, I don't mind birthdays.

Mt step son had a baseball game today, league championship, and they won. Exciting.

My boy has his championship swim meet tomorrow. He is swiiming fly, back, breast, and free. He won't do great, but maybe there is hope he could place in the top 12. (I also thought he could win the triathalon and he was like 56 out of 86, so not near the top. I have moon eyes for the kids). We have to be there at the crack of dawn. bah.

The baby got her first haircut today. She looks so old. (in referene to the earlier portion of this post, she doesn't actually look old at all, she looks about 2.5, her age, she just looks less baby and more kid)

I get a new camera for my brithday - my other one broke after a spill on the ice at Christmas time, so pics soon to follow. Until then, I leave you with Mona.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah


There is one thing I hate in this world, and I don't hate much, but I hate earwigs (technically more than one thing, but we'll think of all earwigs as one big earwig). I hate them. They give me the creeps so bad. I don't kill any bugs, I don't hate any bugs, but I HATE earwigs. I still don't kill them, cuz killing bugs grosses me out, but I get all fruity tooty screamy when I see them, like stand on a chair and point kinda freaked out.

So this morning I am nebbing. But my compressor keeps acting all wierd. I turned it off, then on, unhooked the tubing and reattached it and it would work fine for a few minutes then stop again. I got through my treatment and when I unhooked the tubing and took the neb cup off a fucking earwig fell out of the bottom of the tubing. OMG. I was inhaling earwig germs. I want to die. I have no idea how I did not see it in there. i can only guess there was some moisture in the end of the tubing and it crawled in. I feel like I am going to die from some unknown earwig disease. serioously. I want to be admitted immediately. gawd.

In other news, I have lost 7 pounds. The secret to my success? No more soda nd juice - that's been the biggest factor. So I guess if you want to gain, drink a coke in the morning, a few glasses of juice throughout the day and then like 5 rum and cokes before bed at night. Surefire way to pack on the pounds.